Who We Are


Chevalier & Marks

Deborah Chevalier, owner of Chevalier & Marks, has been appraising fine jewelry in the Hampton Roads area for over twenty years.

Ms. Chevalier completed the highest level of education offered by the Gemological Institute of America, earning her the title of Graduate Gemologist. In addition, Deborah studied under Mr. Cos Altobelli, who is recognized as one of the premier jewelry appraisers in the world. Through her studies with Mr. Altobelli and her work with American Gem Society stores, Ms. Chevalier received the title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA). In order to maintain her CGA title, Deborah is recertified every year to ensure she has stayed abreast of all recent changes in the world of gemstones, such as, advances in fillers and synthetics, changes in supply and demand due to mining, world embargos or trade restrictions and enhancement methods with their detections. 

Ms. Chevalier’s experience includes continuing gemological education by participating in gemological conferences, attending trade shows, completing laboratory challenges, as well as maintaining relationships with the finest jewelry stores in Hampton Roads. Deborah’s love of jewelry appraising is obvious in both her work and her excitement in relaying an understanding of appraising to her clients.